Why less is sometimes more!

By Lynette Simango

Did you know less is more? You must be wondering how this is at all related to Agriculture, right😅? Yes i mean planting crops using appropriate spacing will result in high yielding as compared to overpopulating that small piece of land. Despite those crops competing for nutrients etc, how will you even harvest from that densely populated ‘forest’. That is if the crops ever make it to harvesting time. Most of them will only produce a few grains on each cob because they didn’t have enough nutrients, enough water and enough of anything that must have been allocated to each plant but because of overcrowding. That plant was sharing nutrients with 3 to 4 plants than it should. Studies have shown that the bigger the inrow and interrow spacing the higher the yield,and vice versa. In some research done, cob length decreased with increase in plant population. So this is not just mere talk. Try using the right spacing this next time and see the difference. And watch to see how your yield improves.

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