Who We Are

Championing for all farmers rural and urban, whether already established or just thinking of growing and selling their own food, vaMudhumeni has the knowledge, tools and systems to help you get the most out of your land and enjoy the fruits of a well-fed future. for all.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, where even those who are able to successfully grow their own fresh produce with a surplus, will often see that food spoil because it never makes it to a viable marketplace.

While Zimbabwe has been blessed with vast natural resources, we still have widespread issues of hunger and food insecurity in the country. At vaMudhumeni, we are determined to address this mismatch between the vast resources in our nation and food security by empowering farmers with the necessary knowledge and tools for success in farming. Our passion for farming is driven by the simple idea that if we as a community rallied behind all farmers, together we can impact food production and address food security in a real and practical ways.

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels