Always get feedback from your customers.

By Saintly Ngwenya.

In any business the ultimate goal is to maximise profits. Profits are directly linked to sales. High sales volumes come from the quantity of customers one has. In order to maintain high sales volumes, customers need to come frequently to the business and must continue buying significant quantities of your product. For customers to continue visiting the business they have to be satisfied by the products and services being offered.

A smart farmer keeps records of all his/her customers, knowing them by name and having their contact details is definetly a plus. Moreover, a farmer needs to know what exactly customers require in terms of quality of the product and make every effort to make it available for clients. An open-door policy for customers’ feedback is essential in ensuring that they keep coming back.

Customers should have a major contribution in production systems on the farm by constantly highlighting on product quality. Therefore, to maximise profits of your farming business ensure that customers are free to express how they feel about your products.

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