By Albert Makendenge

What Zimbabwe Can Learn From Israel

“Necessity is the mother of innovation,” rings true when it comes to Israel’s agricultural history. Israel is a shining beacon as one of the best-performing countries in the agricultural world. Despite the dry and stony terrain, Israel grows a wide range of plants.

Termed the “start-up nation, Israel has a long, and proud history of innovation and technology. Israel is a world leader in agricultural research and development second only to the US.

Since the 1950s, Israel has been finding miraculous ways to green its desert. Moreover, Israel has shared their discoveries far and wide. Secondly, limited resources and little foreign trade have fostered innovation in Israel’s agriculture. However, the country has a small workforce with over 50% desert. Most importantly, in spite of these odds, Israel manages to produce 95% of its own food requirements.

From crop husbandry, (wheat, sorghum, and corn) to livestock production, (cattle and sheep) through to fishing and aquaculture as well as fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Statistics underscore its success in agriculture as it ranks high for livestock production and agricultural machinery.

The story of Israel, and, agriculture is nothing short of inspirational! They have stopped at nothing to defy natural environmental odds. This is a wake-up call and should serve as motivation to individual farmers in Zimbabwe, and the nation at large.

Zimbabwe in contrast to Israel is richly endowed with more arable land and a favorable environment. In conclusion, Zimbabwe is more than capable of greater agricultural accomplishments.

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