By Albert Makendenge

For most of us growing up in Zimbabwe our goal was to finish school and get a white collar job. Farming was often associated with subsistence farming done mostly in rural areas. The landscape of farming has evolved with the changing financial climate in Zimbabwe to one of potential profitable business. If you open your mind a bit you will see that there are some highly profitable farming activities which can be done with minimal effort. After all the best thing about farming is that man has to depend on the farm or on agriculture to survive and below are some activities that have potential to earn huge sums of money for those willing to put in the effort.

  • Poultry Farming

This could either be broiler production for meat or keeping layers for their eggs. Well maintained poultry can earn more than white collar jobs in a short space of time and with minimal effort.

  • Growing Cabbages & Kales

This again is one of the simplest farming activities. Especially when it comes to kales or spinach where once planted the farmer keeps on harvesting. Many people depend on the greens for their livelihood and they have an advantage in that they fetch money easily.

  • Rabbit Rearing

This is the keeping of rabbits which are usually high on demand because of their sweet meat. They produce very easily over a short span of time and become very expensive because of high demand.

  • Pig Farming

Pigs are the best to farm. They also require very minimal effort to sustain and easily reproduce over a short period of time. Quite a number of piglets which grow very fast in one birth. Pork (pig meat) is very expensive and on high demand because of the meat which is used to make sausages.

  • Dairy Farming

This is the keeping of cows for milk and all that is required is having the right cow(s) and enough space with palatable (good to eat) pastures. Dairy products include milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese and all of these various varieties of products are highly sought after.

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