By Albert Makendenge

Poor practices could affect your profit.

Daily tasks of farm production and management activities may come with those habits and practices that go unnoticed and against the farm’s overall objective for instance production or profit targets. Below are common mistakes that farmers need to avoid at all costs on your farm.

Unnecessary withdrawals

Avoid spending money unnecessarily especially on things that are not planned for or that don’t benefit the farm should not happen often or not happen at all, even with a steady inflow of money. Spend your money on things that contribute to the overall performance of the farm.

Poor record taking

The history and future of farm largely depends on accurate record keeping. Knowing what happened before and what is happening is quite important in making current and future decisions. Therefore farmers cannot afford to make errors in their production and financial documents.

Not learning from past mistakes and moving forward

Refusing to learn from past mistakes is a very bad habit. You should critically analyze what you may have done wrong in the past to avoid making the same mistakes. These mistakes can actually be avoided completely by carefully analyzing all practices and methods before they are implemented.

Thinking bigger is better

More crops or animals does not always mean, more profit. Your focus should be on quality, not quantity although find balance between the two. Always avoid straining your available resources.

Farming alone

Just as doing anything at all alone is not good, farming definitely poses a risk when done singlehandedly. There is lot of new opportunities and knowledge that comes through meeting other people and getting to hear their story.

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