The day before 

Making full use of a day spills over into the day before. It is what happens a day or days before the actual day of activity arrives that makes for a successful day in the life of a farmer. Monday feeds into Tuesday and Tuesday feeds into Wednesday. Well planned out mornings feed into good afternoons and even better evenings. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing to plan in time also kills efficiency and effectiveness. The common Shona phrase basa mangwanani will always stand and remain true but one can only hit the ground running when they do their planning the day before. The nights are better and more peaceful when one goes to bed with a clear picture of the day to come. Waking up to predetermined plans of activities and getting up to speed as soon as possible goes a long way into meeting targets and deadlines comfortably. Chances are that there will always be new and arising issues that require the urgent attention of the farmer. Attending to these as early as possible saves time and cuts out the costs that accrue as a result of delays. Each day comes with new and different challenges. Planning is the best way to deal with these challenges as it lights up all the dark and grey areas in preparation and in anticipation of the next day.

All those late nights that are devoted to getting ready for the next day will all be worth their time even when things do not turn as is initially expected. A farmer who goes deep into the night working on a plan sleeps better than the one who goes early to bed without preparing for the next day.

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