By Nathan Gomori

As an organization our mission has always been to #HelpFarmersToGrow and in pursuit of that we have created several platforms dedicated to farmers of all levels. It is a place where many of our followers have become a part of a community that is dedicated to farming and agriculture. We love to see that so many of you are sharing ideas and/or seeking council from other farmers as well as our resident vaMudhumeni’s. In celebration of that spirit, we have tasked some of our vaMudhumeni’s to answer some of your questions that you may have asked in our groups or pages that may have gone unanswered, like the one below.

“Nhai varimi ndokumbirawo kubvunza kuti domasi rangu radyiwawo nei apo. Domasi zvese nemashizha acho they are developing those white spots. What can I do to get rid of it. Thank you”?


While it is easy to suspect that this may have been done by a sucking pest, there is also a wide range of possibilities. Such as a plant disease like bacterial canker or chemical burn.I will describe some of the factors that can contribute to white spots on tomato fruits and leaves below.

Sucking pests : These pests are known to suck the juice from the fruit and leaves of a plant. Cells from the sucked area will die and turn to white spots
1) Stink bug damage
The stink bug is a sucking pest that uses its mouth parts, which are needle like to suck the juice in the tomato fruits. They can be spotted with naked eyes on the plant. Some white spots are noticed as an indication of the damage and in ripening red fruits it may show up as a yellowish color. Use of Dimethoate can help to control these sucking pests.
2) Thrips
Are also sucking pests that cause white spots on the tomato plants and fruits. Use of Abamectin can help to control these pests.

Bacteria canker : Is a disease that can cause white spots on tomato plants and fruit. This is a dangerous disease and can be devastating to tomato plants. It can destroy the plant and it may spread to the other plants as well. The best way is to control the disease is by using clean materials which are being disinfected before use on the next plant. Use bio-security measures to control the spread or transmission of infectious disease which can help. Be sure to remove affected plants and burn them.

Chemical effect
: This can be the result of previous chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers used on the same area, When applying chemical the farmer should make sure to read and understand the label of the chemical or seek help and observe required chemical measuring.

**Please visit and join our discussion forum on our website to interact with our experts as well as visit us on put all our social media platforms and ask us your questions and other farmers within our community. Be sure to keep track of chemicals used in the past and adjust measurements appropriately. Proper use of chemicals should be done because so as not to burn your crops which can result in white spots if not used properly.

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