land use planning

By Wencelous Nyamupfukudza

The winning password we need for effective land utilization lies on proper planning and in farming, the farmer needs to establish the following issues before embarking on an agricultural activity:

Farm Potential
This includes size of the enterprises, annual cropping area (ACA), carrying capacity (CC) and viability/economics of production.

Mechanical conservation requirements
The requirements include the need for road alignment, water ways siting, storm drains that are necessary, contour direction, logical land clearing sequence, fire break siting and lands to be separated or consolidated for agric/ rotational use.

Biological conservation requirements
In arable lands the requirements include hazards of use, soil type (fertiliser rates, crop types), rotation requirements and irrigation suitability

Climatic factors / risks
The climatic factors of Agricultural importance include total rainfall, planting rain probability, season length, frost hazards, hail and guti hazards and drought risks including mid season droughts.

Water conservation and use (actual and potential)
The farmer needs to know the following factors in order to effectively manage water resources and decide irrigation suitability such as river stream flow, water permit situation, and irrigation advice and dam / weir sites

Farming systems
The recommended system and suitability of farmers intentions should be considered.

Detail of Development priorities
This is affected by factors such as capital items for example greenhouses, barns grading sheds etc.

Having seen the importance, it is therefore crucial for every farmer to have more of the land use work to be done so they can operate at their highest potential. vaMudhumeni has consultants available who can assist you in all your Land use planning.

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