The  Aquaculture business

By Lynette Simango

One of the easiest backyard projects you can consider is fish farming. Depending on the size of the pond, a cubic meter space can accomodate at least 10 fish weighing between 250g- 300g. That means with a 144 cubic meters ( 12×8×1.5) fish pond, you are assured of harvesting at least 1440 fish. Working with an average of 0.25kg per fish, this translates to 360 kg after 5-6 months.  With a kg going for $4, you will get a revenue of  US$1440. This profitable fish farming should be done by purchasing fingerlings and fattening them until they reach selling weight.  You can do Tilapia fish and the best thing about this fish project is reduced feed costs since they can feed on Algae promoted through fish fertilization using manure.

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