Contract Growing with Irvines

By Lynette Simango

One of the biggest setbacks in Zimbabwe in regards to farming is Market accessibility. For some; contract farming is one way that they are able to bridge that gap. With companies like Irvines Zimbabwe (Pvt) LTD to our rescue there is hope for more farmers to join contract farming industry. If you are like me and have always wondered what made one eligible for the contract, well consider today you lucky day. I recentlt came across a document with Irvines Zimbabwe (Pvt) LTD contract farming terms and conditions so I thought I’d should share with fellow farmers who may have the same questions I did.

Below is a list of some of the requirements needed and its proof enough that the process is very strict. Just tick the box to see if you qualify.** (It is also important to note here, that this list is based on the understanding of the author and do not reflect the practises, ideas and policies of Irvines Zimbabwe (Pvt) LTD )**

*The  minimum number of birds per site should be 50 000 birds (10 000 birds per house)

*Recommended radius to Harare is 100km

*All-weather access road

*Well drained soils

*Intact perimeter fence and lockable gate; entry into site is via shower blockas per IZIM housing manual

*At least 5 km from other Poultry and piggery sites.

*Site must be isolated, not close to residential stands/small plots; rural setup is also not recommended

So there you have it fellow farmers, do you feel like you have what it takes to be a contract farmer with Irvines Zimbabwe (Pvt) LTD. Or are you already one of thier contract farmer? Please share your thoughts on contract farming andf/or how you have fared with it. Let us know if you recommend it or not and why?

11 thoughts on “Contract Growing with Irvines

    1. We currently do not have such a program running, but that is something we hope to get into this in the future. So please check back often

    1. We are not affiliated with Ivirnessoo you have to check directlky with them. Our hope is to have our won program to do this coming out soon. Please check back with us.

    2. We are not affiliated with Irvines so please check directly with them. We are hope to have one of these programs going soon.

    1. We currentlyy dont have any contract farming deal available, but hope to have one of these programs going soon

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