The Apiculture (Beekeeping) Business

By Lynette Simango

Did you know that there has been an insatiable demand for honey to the extant that farmers are urged to supply the local market first before considering the export market. The demand has always outweighed supply and this is because beekeeping hasn’t been successfully commercialized. We both know whose fault that is and today i want to encourage you to tap into this potentially viable business.

A hectare can accommodate 1000 beehives, with each beehive giving at least 18 kgs of honey. Assuming you will sell your honey for $3per 500ml, do the math’s on how much you are likely to get from this business opportunity.

Capital costs are the only investment needed to start production, with one beehive costing around US $15 and other accessories required, are shown below:

  • Honey Extractor,
  • Bee venom Collector,
  • Smoker,
  • SS hive tools of L-shaped and curved shaped,
  • S.S knives,
  • Thin and thick beekeeping brushes,
  • Iron hive tool of L shaped and curved shaped
  • Beekeepers suit

With such low costs to entry, what are some reasons holding you back from getting involved in this business? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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