How to Get Started In Pig Farming

By Lynette Simango

If you are looking towards leveraging the livestock industry to generate huge income, then one of your best bets is to start a pig farming business. In this business, adding weights is where your profit lies. The exotic breeds mostly considered are the Landrace and large white.

For you to start, you need to buy a breeding stock. For this, you should bear in mind that any simple mistake will affect your whole project. This means you shouldn’t buy from just anyone. Buy from reputable farms that are known to produce good and healthy breeding pigs. It is very important to understand that parent stock will  have an effect on the growth potential of your piglets, so choose wisely.

When selecting a breeding stock, you should buy from a farmer who keeps good records so that the performance of the boar and his parents are known. You should also select boars that are free from defects. Since the weight of the animals is what will pay you at the end of the day, you need to select animals that grow faster and have less backfat than the average of the breed, and those eat less feed than average to reach a specific weight.

So if you build a 10 sow unit which accomodates 10 sows and a boer and each sow farrows at least 9 piglets. Assuming a cost of $300 per each pig (live), it means after 5 months you are assured of an income of USD$27000. Let that sink! Let us know if you want to learn more about pig Production. We know this could be the breakthrough you have been waiting for so worry not for we are here to help you. Just take that first step and let us help you with the rest!

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