How To Improve Yeilds

By Lynette Simango

There are different farming practices that you should consider in order to improve your yield in the long run and these are intercropping, crop rotation and mulching.  Some of you take this for granted and continue with the same old ways of farming and yet cry fowl when the harvest is little. You claim you did everything right but was your right the best? With the practices mentioned above, not only does your yield improve overtime but you would also have mitigated the risk of crop failure. With Intercropping, you produce a greater yield on a given piece of land by making use of resources that would have been utilized by 1 crop. Crop rotation also helps in breaking pest and disease cycle and lastly mulching preserves soil moisture and also improve soil organic content. As you begin to incorporate these practices in your farming, you might not notice any changes at the initial stage but in the long run, the yield increases. All it takes is patience, perseverance and hardwork!!

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