By Albert Makendenge

Tools have come a long way in the development and civilization of human society. Whilst their names may not have changed, they probably have gone through several different versions with each version designed to make our farming experience lighter and more enjoyable rather than heavy and daunting. And in as far as enjoying is concerned farmers should not have the following tools missing from their storerooms.

  • Hoe

This ancient and versatile agricultural and horticultural hand tool is used to shape the soil, remove weeds, clear soil and harvest root crops amongst many other functions. Basically it is very important in doing all of those light tasks in and around the farm or garden.

  • Pick (mattock and pick axe)

One obvious thing about gardening picks which are great multi-purpose tools that are used for digging and cutting through roots is their ability to go inches deeper than the hoe even into the harder and more compact clay soils. They can also be used for unearthing boulders and other heavy gardening works.

  • Rake

This is a type of a gardening and landscaping tool with a handle that ends in a head. One can imagine how much work it can be trying to level out a bed or piece of land using a hoe and this is where the rake comes in handy amongst several other functions of scooping and, scraping and gathering soil, mulch or leaves.

Conserving our energy, saving our time, multiplying our efforts and easing up our farming activities is what tools, which serve as an extension of the human body, are meant for and every farmer should make sure to fill up their storerooms with every piece they can get their hands on.

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