By Albert Makendenge

With mere luck and no experience in professional swimming whatsoever, one may simply take a leap of faith and courage into the deep waters and just about make it out the other end. The case, however, is not always the same for agriculture. Recently I saw an article about how a farmer lost 40,000 chickens to flood waters. Agriculture, or more specially farming is flooded with risk There are however a few basic set of skills that will serve as a guideline and a lifeline that come with time and experience.

The ultimate goal for any farmer is to achieve those dazzling and sparkling heights of production and productivity. So, all their hard work is not in vain at the end of it all. It takes one’s ability to rise above the daily agricultural challenges and problems to achieve success.

A lot of this success generally boils down to the art of fully utilizing each and every minute, hour of each any every single day. A mere 24 hours could have significant and far-reaching impacts on the final and eventual outcome of whatever activity is being undertaken. Doing the right things at the right time is the key to a successful venture.

Getting things done on a farm will most certainly require the energy and input of employees or assistants, whose performance depends on the level of motivation and communication in the farm environment. Therefore interacting and getting the best out each other is undoubtedly an important skill.

The best thing about these and several other skills that are required to make in the field of agriculture is that they can be mastered and perfected with time through consistent and constant practice. Even for those who are still learning the trade, time will definitely sharpen all of the rough edges.

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