By Albert Makendenge

It happens after every 24 hours but the rising and shining of the precious sun never ceases to amaze in its ability to present and paint a bright picture, an exciting outlook on the 10 hours or so to follow before it bids goodbye to make way for the moon.

Rain and clouds may, for some time, steal the sun’s bright light but it stays on course and adheres to what it was programmed to do, waiting for the opportunity to present itself. Shining every so brightly whenever the skies clear and smiling upon animals, plants and all of creation as they smile back on it. Smiling back in appreciation of the important role it plays in infusing life into plants and animals. Perhaps the closest humans to understanding the sun’s magic touch is simply through basking in that morning sun’s heat, heat which has been scientifically proven to aid in the production of vitamin D. For plants the sun provides the much needed energy required for the process of food production in the plant, with frequent irrigation needed to avoid moisture stress. No wonder why sunny days are loved and appreciated so much in agricultural circles, holding significant growth and developmental opportunities and not just the opportunity to come out and play.

Sunny days do not only apply to the state of the weather but also can be used to describe the general state of the farm in terms of production and performance. Farmers would prefer that this lies on the sunny side with production and performance looking up and all bright.

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