By Albert Makendenge

Mounting pressure from growing population, adverse threats of climate change, fragmented landholding, high input cost amongst many others are posing serious challenges to food security (which is the measure of the availability of safe and nutritious food and individuals ability to access it). Below is highlight of measures that can be taken by Zimbabwe and any other country in the world in order to ensure food sufficiency.

  • Education and literacy

As agriculture continues to evolve, education and literacy has got a huge role to play in improving farm efficiency and technology adoption. An educated workforce makes it easier to train and acquire new skills and technologies required for productivity growth.

  • Crop diversification

Food availability is a necessary condition for food security. Consumption patterns have changed with time and these changes are calling for a wider variety of fruits, vegetables and meat for instance. There is therefore need to increase crop diversification.

  • Tackling climate change

Higher attention has got to be given to issues such as climate change and limiting global warming. This includes the promotion of climate-smart agricultural production systems and land use policies at a scale to help adapt and mitigate the ill effects of climate change.

  • Integrated water management \

Alarming rates of groundwater depletions and increasing environmental and social problems pose acute threats to mankind. Improved management of irrigation water is essential in enhancing production and productivity, food security and poverty alleviation.

  • New and improved varieties

Farmers have got to have access to new and improved varieties. Varieties that are better suited to thrive in the new and current climatic conditions. This is better achieved by developing a national-level network to monitor and co-ordinate the activities with various state/government functionaries working in the area of crop production.

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