By Albert Makendenge

Bearing in mind the world’s sustainable development goals, which are set to be achieved over the next 4 decades. One of the biggest talking points are about protecting Mother Earth while also combating food insecurity across the globe. In order to preserve our planet while also combating hunger on a global scale, long lasting solutions have got to be implemented. The challenge then is to achieve the goal of sustainable agriculture which is to meet society’s food and textile needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,

Practitioners of sustainable agriculture seek to bring about just the right balance among three main objectives, that is maintaining a healthy environment, economic profitability as well as social and economic equality. While the three almost seem to have diverging and conflicting pathways or interests, we must work on a way to integrate them to the benefit of present and future generations. Biology, economics, engineering, chemistry and many other fields all have got to come together unify and strengthen the effort towards the bigger goal.

No one person, entity, region or nation can get to realize this dream and every person involved in the food system from growers, food processors through the distributors, retailers to the consumers and waste managers, has got a role to play in ensuring a sustainable agricultural system. 

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