n as much as having an early start is important, knowing what to do first is also equally important, if not more important. At the end of it all, it is those major activities that have an impact on performance, production and productivity that will determine whether or not a farmer has had a successful day.

Tight schedules are a common thing in farms. One can never safely say that they are well ahead of time, most people are almost always found stuck and lurking somewhere in between just on time and running late. On most of the busiest days some activities will have to run concurrently but only to the extent allowed by available resources. This situation that farmers usually find themselves is best described by the biblical saying that the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.  In most cases resources are always found to be limited and wise decisions have got to be made on where to channel these first. The easiest way to come to a good quality prioritization decision depends on the urgency and importance of the matter. Activities that are both urgent and important will always go before the important but not urgent or the urgent but not important. 

Fully utilizing the early hours of the day when the brain and the body is still kicking and screaming for what matters the most is what simply and usually separates the best from the rest in the business of farming. 

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