Moving with speed

Sometimes time just seems to pass by so amazingly fast. How fast the recently born calves grow. How fast the pretty flowers turn into beautiful fruits. There never seems to be just enough time in a day to take this all in or to do everything that a farmer would want to do in a day. And once the day is gone, it is a simple truth it will never come back again, once it is gone, it is gone for good. 

As the seconds turn into hours and the hours into days, it is quite important to make use of each and every moment. There will always be activities in a farm that require hours and hours to get done; activities that require time-consuming tender love, care and attention. But even so it is also important to note that farmers cannot afford to dwell on just one activity for too long. Taking too much time focusing on one thing will completely paralyze another. As much as there has been so much emphasis on being slow but sure, activities still have got to be done within a reasonable period of time. Establishing just the right balance between accuracy and speed is very crucial to maintain good all-round performance.

After all the world we are living in now is moving at such insane speed that idle hours and idle days are no longer acceptable. Remaining relevant means being able to keep up with duties and responsibilities of the fast lane. 

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