Pond Set-Up

If one is starting small or there is limited space, ponds can be as small as 500m2 or even less

A good pond is drain-able, with a controlled water inlet and outlet

Some farmers are converting their swimming pools into ponds

You may need water heaters to control the temperature and keep it at the optimum 28 degrees celcius

Fertilize ponds with chicken or cattle manure

Before stocking the pond, disinfect with hydrated lime

Do not overstock your pond as your fish will end up competing for oxygen. When this happens they lose appetite for food and end up not growing. Measure your pond well before stocking!

Lastly, there are very skilled and equally competent fish pond constructors around. Do some background check on them before engaging

Fish Health and Water Quality

Imagine putting a 1000 chickens in a fowl run intended for 100 chickens, then not cleaning the and aerating the run. Would the chickens survive? It is the same with fish:

Fish grow well if their pond is clean and not over-crowded

A clean environment aids in making your fish develop stronger immune systems, essential in fighting diseases and withstanding exposure to minor ones.

Maintain dissolved oxygen levels at about 4mg/litre

A flow-through system is recommended in keeping clean and quality water

A 0.55kW swimming pool pump and aeration via a small blower will come in handy for water reticulation

Maintain a temperature of between 25-30 degrees Celcius. You are going to need a water heater

Always maintain a pH of between 6.5 and 8.5. Apply lime at bottom of pond before filling with water. Lime as recommended to maintain a pH balance

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