Hatching Chicks From Abandoned Eggs

By Lynette Simango

Have you ever realized that once a broody hen decides that hatching is complete, even if there are still eggs inside the nest, she will lead her chicks out into the run? What do you do with the eggs? Do you just get rid of them? I mean what if they are still chicks inside? As a farmer who wishes to grow your flock, the least you can do is try to give these chicks a fighting chance so here is what you can do👇

  • First you need to check if the eggs contain chickens inside, most eggs left in the nest are unlikely to be viable, so if the insides sound liquid, throw them away.
  • Alternatively, you can put the eggs in a bowl of warm water – if they bob about there are live chicks inside. However, once the broody has left the nest with her chicks, she won’t return to sitting duties.
  • Unlike those chicks hatched on time, a chick that can’t escape the shell is likely to be weak, but if you do decide to help it out, it will need extra care to have a chance of survival. If you have another hen brooding, you can give her the eggs and once they hatch, collect the chicks and give them to their mother. I tell you this works for me all the time.

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