By Saintly Ngwenya.

After getting a huge quality yield, farmers may lose out on potential revenue due to the packaging of their products. Any harvested product from the field or pen has to be packaged well to enable selling to buyers. There are several types of packages which can be used and advantages of using each of the package.

The main reason of packaging products is to enable easy handling of the product. Products like grain and liquids need to be put into a package so that they can be handled within the farm and when transporting to market to avoid loses. Goods are also packaged to meet the consumer needs. After grading, one can pack the products according to size and weight in a specific package that is required by the consumers. The package has to be branded and designed in an attractive manner to appeal to the consumers’ needs.

Packaging enables consumers to quickly identify the product. This will assist in promoting and advertising the product. By so doing consumers are able to refer the product to one another themselves. Furthermore, packaging helps to protect the product from adverse weather conditions in storage or transit.

The type and size of package defers from product to product and consumer needs. Farmers should choose a package that satisfies all the needs in a cost-effective way. Moreover, for security reasons packaging makes it easier to count and account for all the products that are going to the market or storeroom.

In conclusion, before getting products to the market farmer should check the type of the package they are using. A well packaged inferior product may get better returns compared to a good product without good package. All what consumers need is an attractive product which they can feel safe to consume.

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