By Saintly Ngwenya.

For every task in any field of operation particularly in agriculture, there are several factors that determine how a task should be completed. The purpose of carrying out any task is to ensure that the job has been done and intended results have been achieved. However, for the task to be termed effective there are a combination of factors to be considered:

1. Quantity of the job done โ€“ the task has to be completed wholly. Every distinct particular activity has to be completed. The amount of the number of activities carried out should be justified according to the time taken to complete the tasks.

2. Quality of the job โ€“ the task has to be done effectively. All the activities have to be done according to the desired outcome. The work has to be perfect and devoid of any defects for the task to be considered effective.

3. Cost of the job โ€“ the task has to be completed in the most cost-effective way. Amount of resources used to complete the task have to be in the acceptable range. Proper use of all the materials to complete the task determines the effectiveness of the job.

Therefore, a combination of all the above 3 factors constitutes an effective task. Taking into account only one or a combination of two factors will result in a poorly carried out task. So, it is the duty of every farmer to consider that each task has been wholly completed within the stipulated time period, in an effective manner using very little money.

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