Sadza all three meals of the day. Sadza all day and every day of the week. In as much as this might be a staple; one that even I, like many other Zimbabweans, cannot seem to go so long without; starch and all starch is not good for the body. And under the very strictest definition of food security such kind of a scenario would be termed food insecurity. While it is true that there are people who can go a day, two days or even more without getting a taste of the most sought after mealie-meal dish. It is also true that if equiped with the right tools and information some of these same individuals may be able to not grow enough to feed themselves, but also grow enough to sell to/trade with neigbours to improve their quality of life. This is where organizations like vaMudhumeni come in. We provide educational resources via our Social media platforms. Including facebook, twitter instagram and Whatsapp.
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