Why I Will Teach My Kids Farming!

By Ruvimbo Jeche

As I was walking the streets of Harare one day, I was struck by how large the city population has become. Simultaneously I has another thought, “what are all these people eating?” As population grows so does the need to be able to produce enough to feed everyone. We are always clueless as to the importance of agriculture in putting food in the fridge and on the table. Agriculture is the backbone of life in all homes and has to be appreciated at from an early age.

The young generation will need to be taught how top produce enough food for everyone. With this in mind I plan to teach my kids gardening from as little as three so at least they know where the extra vegetables on their plate come coming from. I will teach them that food is not made in the store, but reared from the soil.

According to the agricultural cencus in America, the average age of the American farmer is 58 years old and what of Zimbabwe. Well this may sound funny but many kids these days think granny is the farmer. To me, farming is life andI think everyone needs to know the basics! Knowledge has to be passed to the young generation always, and what better way to do this than through vaMudhumeni. If you visit our blog at www.vaMudhumeni.org we have production guides, land preparation articles, fertilizers, Pest control and management. We share this information so that farmers of all ages have a platform they can turn to, to get all the information they need.

Kids want to know and to be involved. This way they will never forget and is the best well of socializing them into agriculture. Take them on agricultural tours, contact vaMudhumeni directly, if you are interested in arranging one for your students. Let them get exposed to agriculture early and our future will be secure.

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