Attributes Of A Successful Farmer

By Ruvimbo Jeche

Farming is well connected to nature and calls for the greatest virtues. Raising crops is an emotional process and things may not always turn out the way we wanted.This is what this is what makes farming such a risky venture. So here is a quick rundown of the attributes of a successful Farmer.

1. Patience (ready to wait and nature the plants and animals as they grow).

2. Student Mentality (ready to learn new ideas and skills)

3. Knowledgeability (good and wide researchers so as to be informed timely concerning all farming matters).

4. Problem solving skills (ready to find solutions to solve all problems that may arise in the farm).

5. Order and we’ll organized ( farming is the greatest profession and calls for a well ordered and disciplined farmer).

6. Should be good with numbers (keep track and count of all records and statistics).

7. Should be a great sales person (ready to marked the farm produce).


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