Value Added Production

By Lynette Simango

In every street corner, in the pavements of Harare, someone is selling tomatoes. Look closely at those placards, you will be amazed by the disparity in prices of tomatoes from one hawker to the other & one corner to the next. One will be selling their tomatoes for $1/7, others $1/15 then there is that one who just wants to get rid of their tomatoes and go home, who will be selling them for maybe $1/22. Funny thing is these people would have hoarded from the same place, Mbare musika, then you wonder what’s really going on. It is until you decide to take a closer look at those tomatoes that everything begins to make sense- quality compromised. Agric produce loses its freshness with each passing hour that pricing will now depend on state of produce. Hence the need to consider value addition. For how long will you drow├▒ in losses when the solution is right there in front of you? Until you start thinking outside the box and ask yourselves ‘What can be done?’, history will always repeat itself. The sooner we talk about value addition, the closer we get to preserving value on our investment.

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