Teff Fact Sheet

By Lynette Simango

Teff is planted in summer after the danger of frost has passed with multiple harvests during the hot summer months. The forage can be used as feed to bridge the normal summer slump of pastures or as stored forage for the coming winter feeding season.

Teff germinates quickly and is usually ready for first harvest at the early boot stage 45-55 days after planting. Subsequent cuttings are usually ready for harvest in 28-35 days, depending upon growing conditions and region grown.

Single harvest hay yields are often in the 1.5 to 2.5 tons per acre with quality comparable to other forages such as timothy. In multiple public and private trials, summer yields have ranged from 4 to 7 tons per acre of dry hay when planting improved forage type teff varieties.

You can harvest Teff as dry hay, silage or grazed. However, the prevalent harvest method is dry, baled hay. The forage is fine stemmed, leafy and “soft” which is very palatable to livestock.

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