Turning waste into profit

Turning waste into profit.

By Lynette Simango

Our Good Health Starts with Good Nutrition page has always emphasized on the importance of eating healthy food but you will have to grow them first and this can be achieved by making use of organic manure. Did you know 50kgs of manure can cost you $1 or less depending on where you buy it. This is another potential extra income venture. Kindly note the difference between 50 kgs and a 50kg bag lest you think it’s unprofitable.

In one of our Whatsapp groups during a discussion, this idea was shared👇


Buy rape seed or covo cuttings. 2 tonnes manure and something to spray for aphids and worms and grow veggies- a basic that everyone eats. Sell at usd1.5 per mbare bundle and start from there.

2 tonnes of manure will translate to $40 US in your pocket so think about it. You can sell manure and get 100% profit instead of just piling it up on your compost. You can even aggregate and supply bigger farms and constant supply means you will earn their trust and your business will run smoothly as long as your cattle are producing waste.

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