By Albert Makendenge

It goes without saying that, given the risk and uncertainty that blankets and clouds the agricultural industry, it is important to have strong and supportive components in place to keep performance at the highest level. The four key component include agronomy & analytics, fertility, biological inoculants as well as plant enhancement technology.

Agronomy and analytics are not only limited to soil testing and tissue testing programs. It is also crucial in informing the agronomic strategy needed for any particular field to take the yield, performance and profitability to new heights. Growers must be able to analyze operations and practices through a wider lens and understand the inter-related factors that are essential for healthy growth.

Fertility is also the other key area that forms the cornerstone of successful plant growth through focusing on maximizing plant uptake and managing the soil in a better way. Plant health and development depends on a plant’s ability to access a host of macronutrients and micronutrients that are critical to essential biological functions.  

It’s a known fact that not all organisms (of any source, shape or size) are harmful to plants. Most as farmers will testify that they are actually useful in making soil better at times. Science has made great progress in understanding the positive (and negative) relationships microscopic soil-borne organisms can have with plants. This has seen the rise of a new generation of technologies that focus on maximizing the impact of beneficial organisms like mycorrhizae and rhizobium.

Last but not least is another ever-growing field of plant enhancement technology. The desire to increase sustainability and improve efficiency is driving the development of new plant enhancement technologies. Technologies which work at a molecular level to promote functions that allow plants to withstand a range of adverse conditions. These and more pillars or key areas not mentioned here will definitely go a long way in establishing an agricultural fortress what will surely withstand the test of time.

Any faming venture built on these four component almost always has a head start in the fight and race for the bigger prize.

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