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The Boschveld Chicken – Everything You Need to Know

Origin of the breed

The Boschveld Indigenous Chicken was bred by a farmer named Michael Bosch as a way to deal with the tick problem he was having with his cattle. The Boschveld chicken was bred from crosses between three types of free-range breeds, that is Venda, Ovambo and Matabele indigenous chickens. The farmer was trying to create a free-range breed of chicken that would eat the ticks that infested his cattle at watering holes.

General Description
Boschveld chickens are best known for their light brown coloring that appears to be mixed with white feathers. The Boschveld chickens are well known for their hardiness and alertness which attributes to their superior survival skills when it comes to defending themselves against predators and resilience to poultry diseases. They are also known for their ability to reproduce in harsh conditions, like other roadrunners. Boschveld chickens can breed on their own so over time there is no need to keep buying chicks.

The Boschveld breed chickens are also suitable for both meat and egg production. Another feature that makes this breed of chicken unique is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures both hot as well as col. This characteristic can even be found in chicks under 4 weeks old.

Breed & Performance Information

  • Sexual maturity: 136 days
  • Average egg weight: 53.4 g
  • Egg production starts at 24 weeks.
  • Egg production per hen/week 4 eggs.
  • Lays eggs for at least 2.5 years or more
  • Extra-large eggs as the birds grow older
  • Boschveld chickens grow in size quickly compared to other road runner breeds
  • Minimal supplement of feeds required if they are raised as free-range chickens
  • Low cost compared to broilers in regards to disease management.
  • Very strong and also very fertile- will begin producing the eggs from week 24
  • Boschveld hens frequently go broody ( hatch eggs and raise chicks) so you can quickly develop your own flock.
  • No expensive housing is needed to make a success of a poultry operation
  • Cocks are ready for slaughter at 12 weeks old, depending on nutritional levels.
  • The meat has a good flavour

If you are considering free-range/ road runner chicken farming you should consider rearing some Boschveld breed chickens. They are locally breed so can withstand harsh African climatic conditions. They are strong,grow quickly( compared to other roadrunners) and more disease resistant than broilers.

The hens do go broody so you will be able to rear your own flock without having to buy new chicks. Overall Boschveld chickens are the best option for those considering free-range or road runner chicken farming.

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  1. I have boschveld chickens a cock,hen and 6 chicks which seem to be under growing what can i give them toboost nutrition

  2. At the moment my phone is faulty. I receive SMS or email only. Weight of 12week old cockrels, annual number of eggs, skin colour and straight run per 100 cost.

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