Reflecting on the just-ended day

Eventually when everything possible has been said and done, it is finally time to call it day and have a good night’s rest. But for farmers the work should not end right when they step out of the field or the office. The end of the day should be meant for looking back on the day either in admiration of what well or in beating oneself up for what could have been done better.

Life lessons are continually and consistently presenting themselves unto us and it is our responsibility as human beings to learn and evolve as much as we can whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. Learning is a lifelong process (as clearly implied by common Shona phrase – kudzidza hakupere) and a person is bound to learn a new thing each and every day. Each and every day comes with its own experiences and looking back at these experiences at the end of the day will make for a person better equipped to face tomorrow. There are instances where one will be pumping their chest out and beating themselves on the chest for a job well done but that does not mean that there is no room for improvement. There will also be incidents of total disaster but that does not also mean that all is lost and only requires a change in methods and ways of doing things in the future. The goal is to make everything better as the days pass by and there is no better way to achieve this than by just sitting back, relaxing and thinking seriously about the day’s events.

Reflecting on the just ended day sets one up nicely for the next day. It is the habit of taking everything that happened on the day into consideration that allows for sound and quality planning for the future. Even if the process has to last long and deep into the night, it is way better to go to bed late than to wake up to the same mistakes of yesterday.   

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