By Albert Makendenge

If the world was literally spinning around as fast as the changes in it are coming and going, we probably would all be registering and suffering from record-high levels of dizziness. It almost seems like each time one blinks, there is a new thing popping up or a topic that is going viral. Just like any other sector or industry, the agricultural certainly is not coming up short on trending matters.

• Vertical farming
This is a way of farming which uses conventional farming methods such as hydroponics and aeroponics to produce more yields faster. It can be generically defined as a system of commercial farming whereby plants, animals, fungi and other life forms are cultivated for food fuel, fiber or other products or services by artificially stacking them above each other. The method is considered a step ahead of greenhouse technology as it involves the harnessing of resources in vertical arrays and can thus feed the demands of food supply within the resources of mega cities.

• Organic farming
This is also known as ecological agriculture or biodynamic agriculture which works in harmony with nature meaning that the agricultural practices involved do no cause harm to the environment. Due to the ecofriendly nature of organic farming, it is considered as a viable alternative to chemical based farming which have raised concerns for ecotoxicity and health hazards.
Whilst some trends go as soon as they come, others have got the quality to stand the test of time. And whilst some trends seem to show a pattern, others may come completely out of the blue and unexpected. But however or whenever they come, it is very important for farmers to anticipate changes and be prepared to react swiftly to up and coming developments.

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