By Albert Makendenge

Just about everything anyone can think of seems to be on rise. Crime. Diseases. Technology. The global population. And of course this list would not be complete without adding the word temperature. The globe is gradually warming and heating up and above optimal levels which have brought about several other erratic and extreme weather patterns. In the same spirit of now rather than later, several measures can be put in place to turn the Earth’s fortunes around.

Perhaps the most popular one making rounds in agricultural circles is the switch to sustainable organic practices which are more environmentally friendly. Organic farming, which prohibits most synthetic inputs (herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers) means reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well as cleaner soil, water and food.

Farmers also have to encourage each other to use more renewable energy in the form of solar panels and wind turbines to name just a few. Maximizing energy efficiency and moving away from fossil fuels such as coal and firewood are important steps that farms can take to reduce the rate at which globe is heating up.  

Efficient water and irrigation management is also vital to any farm, particularly in times of drought. Dry farming, planting cover crops and drip irrigation are some of the measures that can be put in place to conserve and account for each and every drop of the precious liquid.

Long lasting solutions, however, will require the collective efforts of farmers across whole provinces, countries, regions and the world at large. The whole world coming together to push for major practical and sustainable climate-friendly policies geared towards taking a degree or two off the high temperatures.

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