Not one single day can ever be similar to another. Each and every day comes with its own issues which in turn informs the choice of activities to be done on the day. Although internal factors can be controlled to a certain level, it is the external factors which pose the biggest threat of unpredictability to farmers. No matter how much one plans for the next day, unexpected things are always going to pop up out of the blue. 

In an environment where things are always changing, farmers need the ability to react and adjust to these changes. A number of plans which are meant to counteract these obstacles, both expected and unexpected, will give the farmer a safety net to fall back on and avoid being caught flat footed. A farmer might plan for one thing today only to wake up to a completely different scenario that requires an entirely different solution. This calls for the need to be able to dig deep and make split second decisions in order to remain afloat. The inability to accept and embrace change can turn out to be very disastrous. Staying where one feels most comfortable and playing it safe can only go so far. Remaining in the same position poses an even greater danger of risk and uncertainty. What worked yesterday might not necessarily work today and there is need for constant improvement in response to what is currently on the ground.  

Rigidity and strictness is not always the answer when it comes to dealing with situations as they arise. Finding ways out of tricky situations may require farmers to move a little out and away from their playbook and do business unusual. Wandering too far away from the guiding values and principles that are central to one’s identity and integrity is not advisable and crossing the line should be avoided at all costs.  

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