A well-functioning engine has all four cylinders firing at their best. A good bit of intake, a good bit of compression complemented by a good measure of combustion and exhaust. All parts playing their part move the vehicle forward. Farms, in very much the same way, are usually made up of different departments or components which all need undivided attention if maximum performance is to be achieved. 

In a perfect world farmers would be able to tick all the right boxes and leave no stone unturned. There would be enough resources to dot every i and cross every t and enough time to tick all boxes. Not a day would pass by without fully attending to every task on the to-do list. But for several reasons, both within and beyond their control, may end up being neglected and overlooked. The pressures of demanding daily tasks may leave one so caught up in one activity and totally forgot to attend to another. The benefits of guarding against forgetfulness will most definitely show in the overall collective and individual performance. Whilst there may never be quite enough time to do everything and complete everything, farmers should strive to do a little bit of everything to ensure that no section or department is left behind. Ensuring that all departments keep pace with each other and remain with touching distance of each other will go a long way avoiding situations where one has to make that extra effort to make up for lost time. 

Establishing the right balance across all sections is really all about good time management and making sure that everything is done in its time. Giving that little bit of time to just about everything keeps everything in place and up to speed. Work left undone in some units or departments may be responsible for sinking the whole ship right down to the bedrock.  

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