By Albert Makendenge

The perishable nature of most agricultural products gives birth to the need for quick sales. And for any product to sale, the most effective methods or ways of advertising have to be put in place and below are some of these.

  • Print Media

Magazines and newspapers provide a very large, and often traditional, audience to get products to. Adverts through these can give farmers huge amount of exposure and are brilliant for new product launches where there is a concern about brand recognition or mass marketing.

  • Face to Face

This is great way to advertise especially if the product is something that needs to be understood. The method comes with an opportunity to interact directly with customers and really get to know how they fell about the product. One gets feedback immediately and can be able to make suitable adjustments in time.

  • Internet and Social Media

Whilst with this method one may struggle to connect with those that are not really into technology, this has become a fast paced world where most people now know how to get onto the internet or social media. These aspects of technology have increasingly become so integrated into people’s lives and each person almost always gets to have a look multiple times a day. Through the internet and social media, the advertisement can reach anyone anywhere in the shortest time possible.

  • Promotional Item Giveaways

Promotional items give farmers potentially huge amounts of brand awareness. Unlike most channels of advertising, promotional items continue to have an effect long after their production stops.

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