How To Correctly Inject Your Animals

By Lynette Simango

As a farmer you need to know how to correctly inject your animals so as to prevent damages to the valuable carcass. Imagine spoiling the whole carcass because you administered the injection incorrectly. That will be a great loss so here are tips on how you avoid such👇

First thing you need to do is to immobilize the animal in a crush. The animal must be also made aware of your presence and you do that by gently pinching the site where you are going to inject it 2/3 times.  You can apply subcutaneous injections by pulling a strap of skin on the neck. With intramuscular injection, you deliver directly into the muscle and it works quicker. All you need to do is have people pull the animal’s head away from you so  the muscle can be felt deep into the skin and inject deep into it.

When selecting the needle, one thing you need to know is that the volume of the dose and stringeability of the product will dictate the size to be used but it is advisable to use the thinnest possible need to avoid instilling much pain into the animal. Also remember, the larger the does, the thicker the needle needs to be. This is to prevent it from breaking since large doses take long to administer and the animal might start to move.

A precaution to take is to make sure the equipment is sterilized and the site where you intend to inject is clean. Again, needles should never be reused. This all to prevent infections. In all this, don’t forget to wear gloves!

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