Goat Housing

By Lynette Simango


Goat farming is a worthwhile adventure many are willing to partake of. How many have ever paid much attention to the housing and infrastructure? Just as you need safe and comfortable housing-a home for yourself, goats need that too. Here are few things you need to know about Housings and infrastructure👇

Goat pens should be built in such a way that they protect goats from predators and adverse weather conditions. If your pen doesn’t provide these then it’s better one invest in rebuilding pens than to lose goats to predators and diseases. The most important thing of them all is to chose where you want to build your pens. Not every unused space in your yard is a prefarable choice for building pens. The following are worth considering before one thinks about digging holes – gentle slope, good drainage, firm ground to prevent foot rot and foot scald and lastly your house should be on the windward direction of pens.

During pen construction the following should taken into consideration

1) A feed rack

2) A kid pen

3) All sharp objects should be removed

4) The floor should be raised enough to prevent humidity from that is 1-1.5metres above the ground

5) In terms of Pens height, 2-3 metres is recommended

6) Lastly the required area per goat should be 1.5m2


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