Fireguards, are a Must for Every Farmer

Winter is here and you ask yourself what could be worse than frost potentially damaging your crops? One thing that most farmers need to be aware of is veld fires. During winter months crops can become very vulnerable to fire that can start from nowhere and extend to your farm until every green thing it meets turns to black or dust. Imagine this, after you have planted your wheat for example and fire spread from nowhere but then just before your farm, a 9 metre wide fireguard stands to prevent it from spreading to your wheat. This is why we think a fireguard should be a staple for every farmer. It’s never too late to construct one so consider it now. When you go to construct fireguards be sure to put it in the danger zones where fire is most likely to start. It is also important to identify areas you need to protect the most from veldfires and and focus more on constructing fireguards there first. Keep in mind that wind direction and speed can impact the effectiveness of your fireguard, so be mindful of the proportions. Construct a fireguard around your farm which should be 9m wide on boundaries and internal fireguards should be 4.5m wide. Let’s work together to help inhibit the start of fires or stop them from spreading.

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