Finger Millet Production

By Saintly Ngwenya

Finger millet is one of the easiest crops to cultivate. The crop grows on a wide range of soils. It is well known for its ability to tolerate long dry spells and rapid growth. Just like any crop, land preparation has to be thorough to enable proper crop development.

In terms of spacing, inter-row should be 50cm whilst in-row spacing has to be 15cm to 20cm. this spacing achieves a plant population of between 100 000 to 133 333 plants per hectare. All this can be achieved by 3 to 5kg of seed per hectare. Alternatively, it can be planted by evenly broadcasting the seeds in the field.

Finger millet is very popular in traditional beer making. Nutritionally, the grains are very rich in calcium and iron which makes it good food for pregnant women, young children and sick people. Grow finger millet this season and share your experiences on our vaMudhumeni social media platforms including our blog at and WhatsApp groups

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