Byy Albert Makendenge

One cannot talk of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals without mentioning zero hunger and poverty alleviation. Seven years have already passed since these goals were set and member states, Zimbabwe included have 8 more years until 2030 to build and achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The journey towards a brighter future has not been without its fair share of dull moments and clouds of doubt. The war against food insecurity, health hazards, poverty and land degradation is looking more and more likely to go well beyond 2030. The future that we are looking to secure will be pretty much here, if not already here. The hits and blows have almost been unbearable to take and almost appearing to erase all the progress that has been made thus far. In as far as the world of agriculture is concerned, production and productivity is facing what could be the biggest threat of all times in the form of climate change. And perhaps the most unsettling and disturbing fact of the changing and unpredictable rainfall and temperature patterns is that the very same improvements and revolutions in agriculture have something to do with it. Without a doubt mechanized and intensive agriculture has come with a boost in both quality and quantity but at the expense of Mother Nature who is the very basis of farming activities.

Divided opinions over the best agricultural practices to adopt continue to haunt Earth and humans in it and if the world is to stand any chance of feeding the nations, it will be best done by putting on a united and concerted front.

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