Farm Veterinary Kit

farm vet kit

By Saintly Ngwenya.

Farmers seem to be unprepared on what they will do in cases of emergencies to their livestock. A number of farmers lose out their stock due to this unpreparedness. A lot of stock lives would have been saved had farmers kept veterinary kits at their farms or homesteads. High mortalities of young stock are being observed which could have been prevented.

A veterinary kit is simply a set of medicines which are used in the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder or injury in livestock. The kit can contain very simple items which are important to deal with emergencies on the farm. One does not necessarily be an expert to have such a kit at the farm.

The contents of a veterinary kit differ depending on area, line of production and funds availability. Farmers need to know the most prevalent diseases or disorders in their areas so that they know which items to keep on their kits. A prepared farmer is always a profitable farmer.

Would you be interested to know which medicines to keep in the kit, where to purchase good kits and how to administer drugs to your livestock in cases of emergency?

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