By Saintly Ngwenya.

A farmer bought a new tractor and was very excited about the investment. She quickly assembled the machine and got it on work. However, just a few days into operation, the tractor had a major breakdown. An expert was called in and it was discovered that the machine was not properly assembled. The farmer had just assumed the tractor operates the same way as her other tractors.

It is very important for farmers to read, understand and comply to the instructions on all equipment manuals. Each design has got its different operating manual and therefore requires specific treatment. Assuming that all machines operate in the same manner can prove very costly in the long run. Farmers are advised to even hire the manufacturer to assemble their newly acquired equipment.

Adjustments, calibrations and maintenance all have to be done by qualified personnel and following instructions. For long service life, care has to be taken during the early days of the equipment.

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