By Albert Makendenge

Learning a skill and perfecting a certain craft requires that one is at it, day in and day out. It is about learning from our mistakes and getting better at what we already know how to do more and more with each passing day. The best farmers throughout the world make it a point to perfect their daily habits and turn them into a thriving and profitable agriculture business.

The following are the top 10 habits of great farmers:

  1. Staying focused on revenues to ensure that cost management is stable as well as sticking to set budgets and covering all costs of production. This is one sure way to ensure that the farm does not use less or more of what it actually should and hence doing away with negative financial consequences.
  2. Remaining disciplined and resolute in keeping the harvests thriving and asking for help when help is needed. In as much as farmers may be tough enough to see out the rough times, there also comes a time when there is need to be humble and seek assistance from those in the same industry.
  3. Enjoying the work. The success of any endeavor strongly depends upon the passion and joy that goes into it. Things that are done out of love often have a way of coming out actually better than what was initially expected.
  4. Learning from past farming errors and doing everything in their power to make sure that those mistakes are not repeated. This allows farmers to grow and move forward each time they encounter a setback.
  5. Formulating plans that speak to both the expected and unexpected situations. When disasters come out of the blue, farmers are better able to readjust and rearrange when they have a an established coping strategy.
  6. Constantly seeking to improve production standards in terms of both quality and quantity. One way to effectively do this is though regularly comparing one’s standards with that of the competition.
  7. Maintaining a good reputation with both the internal and the external stakeholders. People simply just want to be associated with an organization that they value or look up to.
  8. Selling locally which is also a good habit that not only reduces pollution but it is also an amazing way to get involved and enrich surrounding communities.

While this list may not be exhaustive, these are some of the tips and tricks that farmers can try out to get started on their way to greatness.    

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