By Albert Makendenge

The main purpose of poultry farming is getting profits. Having the best chicken breeds can increase the profits a farmer gets. Below are some of the best chicken breeds for farmers to consider

  • Kenbro

This is a disease-resistant type and has great taste. It lays eggs after 23 weeks and can produce about 200 eggs per year. When well fed, they can attain 1.5 kilograms in about 7 weeks.

  • Kuroiler

This can also be for both meat and egg production. They lay 150 eggs in a year, grow very fast and are easy to maintain since they feed on agricultural products and kitchen waste.

  • Kari breed

Developed in Kenya and are also resistant to pests and diseases. They can attain 1.5 kilograms in 20 weeks and are very well suited to quite a variety of climatic and environmental conditions.

  • Rainbow rooster

This fast growing breed was developed in India and is suitable for organic chicken production and backyard rearing. They usually produce more eggs than the indigenous types.

  • Sasso slow growing exotic lines

These were developed by a Western seed company in France. The breed is also resistant to pests and diseases and is suitable for both meat and egg production. It can lay up to 150 to 200 eggs in a year.

Despite the high resistance to diseases and suitability to various conditions by most of these birds, farmers should still be well acquainted to the different diseases, pests and general management mistakes that may have very negative effects on their general growth and productivity.


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