By Albert Makendenge

There is just too much of Earth for even any one man to fully comprehend all the little and finer details of its vast expanse. With so much happening and a lot of information circulating, there is every chance that each and every one of us is bound to miss out on discoveries both old and new. Even if we were to focus on agriculture alone, there still would be facts that even the most informed enthusiast would not know about and perhaps the following could add one or two steps to the lifelong process of learning.

• It is a family affair
Some of the most established and reputable companies who are bossing it in the world of agriculture trace their roots back to great grandfathers or grandmothers of those who are currently at the helm of operations, whose top brasses will unsurprisingly be occupied by a closely knit group of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters as well as uncles and aunts.

There are countless hours of sleep lost
The busiest days of the season, which make pretty much of it, will almost always one feeling like 24 hours are not enough. Late nights will make it seem like the sun came too early and tightly packed schedules like the sun set too early. Not to talk of the sleepless nights spend twisting and turning over unmet targets or looming disasters.

Agriculturists stick together
The very broad nature of agriculture goes beyond the knowledge of one man or one organization and thus demands unity in both conversation and action to solve present and future problems that cut across all sectors or units of the value or supply chain. It takes a concerted effort of biologists, accountants as well as information and technology experts to achieve the highest level of production and productivity.

Suicide rates are extremely high within agriculture
Agriculture is sometimes a very risky game and in some cases no amount of planning can ever fully and truly speak to changing economic and environmental factors. Actual targets may be so far off the expected ones that one may see suicide as the only way out.

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