By Lynette Simango

You wonder why your chickens have stopped laying eggs. Probably that’s one of your income-generating projects and it’s quite alarming to go from picking say 20 eggs a day to nothing. Well here is why your hens are not laying eggs.

1) Stress is one of the major contributors to low egg production in chickens. Stress has many triggers one of them being predators or dogs tormenting the chickens.

2) Little or no light – this is the reason for reduced egg production especially during winter because of decreased day length. For increased egg production, keep your chickens comfy with light and warmth.

3) Poor nutrition/ Starvation can bring the laying of eggs to a halt- Make sure your chickens have enough feed and they will also reward you with lots of eggs.

4)¬† Filthy¬† Fowlrun- it’s not only you who needs a clean home even chickens too. This means one has to change bedding all the time and don’t forget to cleanup the nest too and put clean straw, wood shavings, or even shredded paper, depending on which one is easily available to you.

The list is endless, but these are some of the most common. Can think off any other factors that could potentially affect your eggs. share your thoughts in the comments. We love to hear from you.

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